tracey g mahaney

​owner / president

eat clean...

and get on with your life!

eating right takes effort and commitment. with careful planning and preparation you can improve the way you eat BUT WHO HAS THE TIME?!  that's where good clean eats comes in! whether you are an avid gym goer, a full-time stay-at-home parent, someone who is constantly on the go or just someone who is trying to improve their nutrition we can help!

fresh, healthy 

home-cooked meals 

we provide fresh healthy, well-balanced, home-cooked meals that are personally delivered weekly to your doorstep! ​whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase energy levels or improve athletic performance.... our meals can serve as fuel for athletic training or simply a healthier alternative to standard, calorie-dense convenience foods.

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if you are looking for a gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free high-protein paleo bar that's portable, convenient, healthy and absolutely delicious look no further! traceybars are perfect for breakfast , a pre-/post-workout meal or snack, as a sweet and gooey clean treat or when you are just on the go! 

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meals are delivered weekly

right to your doorstep 

since ​your meals will arrive in an insulated thermal bag that is designed to keep food cold/frozen for up to three hours you don’t even have to worry about being home when we deliver them!  

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our menu includes the use of:

  • lean beef, pork and/or poultry that is organic, grass-fed and/or locally farmed whenever possible
  • produce that is local, in season and/or organic whenever possible
  • healthy fats such as oils, nuts and seeds, avocados, olives, coconut 

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we’ve done all the work

for you!  

you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, food prep, cooking, portioning or kitchen clean-up.  all you need to do is… well… eat!  there is no guesswork, no weighing or measuring foods, no recipes to follow, no counting calories or blocks.

local delivery available within 15 miles of

newtown, pa

new!  more options!!

 choose from:
2-week, 4-week or 6-week plans
​"pure paleo" or "eat clean" packages

lots of new recipes!!

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paleo & clean meals delivered weekly


what you won't find

in our meals:


added sugars
artificial sweeteners
artificial ingredients
sugar alcohols